Water Treatment purification Activated Carbon

Basic Info

  • Artificial Graphite Type: Non-Standard Products
  • Carbon Content: High-Carbon
  • Manufacturing Method: Chemical Method of Activated Carbon
  • Appearance: Granular
  • Physical Properties: Mesh Number
  • Adsorption Properties: Water Volume
  • Active Carbon Material: Shell Activated Carbon
  • Pore Diameter: Mesoporous
  • Type: Liquid-Phase Adsorption
  • Usage: Environmental Protection Industry
  • Chemical Properties: Ph Value
  • Application: Water Prefiltration

Product Description

Activated Carbon for water treatment should have three requirements:

Large adsorption capacity

High adsorption speed

Good mechanical strength

The adsorption capacity of activated carbon with other external conditions, mainly with the specific surface area of activated carbon, specific surface area, pore-volume, the adsorbent can be adsorbed on the pore wall of the multi

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