HOMES:Solar water heaters for homes

We is specialized in innovative products specially applying latest solar energy technology.

The specialized environmental protection and renewable energy expert consultants and technicians developed time ago the solar-powered water heater range, probably some of most efficient models available in the market. Chelco deeply believe that for winning the user long-term trust , excellent quality is the key. The product technology is enterprise’s core competitive power, the innovation unceasingly, professional first-class equipment, depends on the international advanced solar energy specialized development facilities,


  • are ideally suited for heating water.
  • cut hot water energy bills by up to 87%
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • use proven leading edge evacuated tube solar collectors
  • are up to 40% more efficient than comparable sized systems
  • include a long life marine grade stainless steel storage tank
  • are protected against weather conditions and corrosion.
  • are maintenance free
  • are stylish, compact and competitively priced
  • are backed by generous product warranties

Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar energy is a clean and abundant energy resource that can be used to supplement many of your energy needs. Solar energy can be utilized as a form of heat, such as solar water heating, and as electricity, such as solar photovoltaics. Solar water heating systems are commonly referred to in the industry as Solar Domestic Hot Water systems

Consumers often ask if there is enough sunlight in usually cloudy countries like Canada, France, UK, etc.. for solar applications such as water heating. In fact, using correct efficient systems like ATLANTS ones, there is enough solar energy to deliver an average of 2500 kWh of energy per year. This means that a solar water heater can provide enough solar energy to meet about one half of the water heating energy needs for a family of four.

Water heating is one of the most cost-effective uses of solar energy, providing hot water for showers, dishwashers and clothes washers. Every year, several thousands of new solar water heaters are installed worldwide.

We have developed some of the most cost-effective systems in the world. Consumers can now buy “off-the-shelf” solar water heaters that meet industry-wide standards, providing a clean alternative to gas, electric, oil or propane water heaters.

Money in Your Pocket

Every time your business uses a solar hot water heating system, you put money in your pocket. By harnessing the free energy of the sun to preheat water for commercial use, many businesses can save money and contribute to a healthier environment and community., every day, those businesses can reap the benefits of solar energy sooner than they might expect. Solar heating systems can be readily installed in new buildings or added to existing facilities. On sunny days, solar heaters can produce enough hot water for practically any application.. There are several different types of solar collectors that can meet your energy needs All of them use simple, proven technology, and one of them will be ideal for you.

Who Benefits ?

A solar water heater reduces the amount of fuel you need to heat water because it captures the sun’s renewable energy. Solar water heaters can also be used in other applications, for example, car washes, hotels and motels, restaurants, swimming pools, and laundry mats. Virtually any commercial or industrial application that uses hot water can profit from a solar hot water system. These systems can supply hot water to factory cafeterias and washrooms, as well as to canning, bottling and food processing plants. Here are some other examples: Car washes need large amounts of warm water, and demand generally increases as solar energy becomes available. Since much of this water does not have to be stored, some car washes can use a direct circulation system with no heat exchanger.

Fish hatcheries heat large volumes of low-temperature fresh water to enhance fish growth. Some hatcheries use unglazed solar collectors to provide 25 percent of their annual heating needs. In some cases, they have reduced conventional fuel costs by tens of thousands of dollars.

Apartment buildings, condominiums and university residences are often good candidates for solar heating systems because of the steady demand for hot water. The benefits are even greater if solar collectors are installed close to existing hot water equipment, such as penthouse and rooftop systems.

The hospitality industry uses hot water for laundries and dishwashers and to meet the needs of guests in hotels, motels, resorts, lodges and restaurants. During the summer, commercial swimming pools equipped with solar collectors meet their heating requirements without additional energy

Simplicity and Durability

Solar collectors are located where they can receive the most energy from the sun throughout the day, typically on a roof.. These systems can be
installed either as stand-alone units during original construction or as retrofit add-ons in existing structures. Different types of collectors can be used in the same system, depending on the application and water temperature required. Modern systems are designed to withstand most of climates, and as with most renewable-energy technologies, maintenance costs โ€“ in both time and capital โ€“ are low.