The industry’s most advanced lab spectrophotometer.

The DR6000™ is the industry’s most advanced lab spectrophotometer. It offers high-speed wavelength scanning across the UV and Visible Spectrum, and comes with over 250 pre-programmed methods which include the most common testing methods used today. With optional accessories allowing for high volume testing via a carousel sample changer, and increased accuracy with a sample delivery system which eliminates optical difference errors, this instrument ensures you are ready to handle your wide-ranging water testing needs.

DR6000 UV VIS Spectrophotometer without RFID LPV441.99.00002Your Water Testing Needs, All in One Spectrophotometer

The DR6000 has the most pre-programmed testing methods, including high-speed wavelength scanning across the UV and Visible Spectrum.

Accessories for High Volume and High Accuracy Testing Needs

A carousel sample changer allows for up to seven sequential measurements. The Sipper Module, an instrument controlled sample delivery system, increases precision by constant optical characteristics.

Advanced Quality Assurance at Your Fingertips

The DR6000 comes with integrated QA software for scheduling, documenting and interpreting all of your needed quality measurements.

Guided Procedures and Elimination of False Readings
The DR6000, when used with TNTplus® reagent vials provides you the accurate results you need by guiding you step-by-step through your testing procedures. With TNTplus the instrument averages 10 readings and eliminating outliers, making scratched, flawed or dirty glassware a non-issue.

Large Color Touch Screen Interface

The color display allows instant identification of alerts and easy comparison of overlayed graphical data. The touch screen interface is intuitive to use, minimizing the need to reference the user manual.