POOLS:FLEXIPOOL Flexible solar water heaters for swimming pools – TECHNICAL INSTALLATION FREE

FlexiPool Solar panels have designed to warm up swimming pools with the maximum efficiency at very reasonable costs Using materials of high quality guarantees a high corrosion resistance due to used chemical agents in the swimming pools and to the salt of the sea, effect that guarantees a longer life utility of the product. The water of the swimming pool circulates through solar panels FLEXIPOOL absorbing heat. The panels are connected to the existing pool water circuit, reason why it is not necessary to have heat exchanger.

Advantages of the heating systems Solar FLEXIPOOL

The most evident advantage of the system of solar heating FLEXIPOOL is that the heating is free forever. With the use of the solar energy you save cost of a conventional solar water heater necessary if a conventional system of heating is installed , shortening for that reason the period of amortization. If it is installed in a swimming pool already warmed up, the advantage in this case is in the fuel saving at the moment at which the solar panels are used to contribute the heat Moreover our systems are easy to install, no professional maintenance nor training is required, can be also removed easily and stored with a small area when it is not used. It is very resistant , rollable and easy to install and use by own end user

Latest technolgy, proffesional products , main concepts SOLAR WATER HEATERS

Adoption of optimized technology for a professional quality

  1. The effectiveness of each Solar System depends on the heat transference capacity. The selective layer has discharge absorbency and low emissivity reducing the reflection and conserving the thermal energy. The solar collectors of equipped with the new system work much more efficiently even in cloudy conditions that any other system of the market
  2. The primary objective of is to produce a profitable and efficient system. The use the quality control of the selective layers of the entire product is controlled by computer. All the data of the production are registered and reviewed by experience engineers. Solar FLEXIPOOL Collector reaches the level energy efficiency superior and has without even operation in the market.


The solar panel FLEXIPOOL is the most profitable method of heating swimming pools Our windproof design can even warm up the water in a windy day The efficiency of our system is 4 times better than the other systems available. European technology Environmental and green heat of high effectiveness to warm up the water of the swimming pool without cost nor consumption.

EASY TO INSTALL and TO USE, we provide a Solar System completely modulable capable to be installed by the own owner of the house, including all the parts necessary to connect to the own water system/cleaning/pumping of the swimming pool Responsible, efficient and ecological heating. It can annually prolongs the station of swimming to 9 months or more. Easy to install, durable and scrollable to be able to keep stored when it is not used during long time.

  1. Using the pool pump, water is automatically pumped through the solar panel.
  2. The water is then heated as it moves through the panel.
  3. The heated water is returned back to the pool, through the return lines.
  4. You enjoy your own heated pool with no fuel cost.


The design of the solar panel is so good that it could reach the most heating area, longest heating time and the best heating affection. As the solar panel is made of TPE or PE material, it won’t rust, corrode or scale. Plus, the panel is reversible which increases its using life.