Government, Private and N.G.O Institutions

This is illustrated by the picture below;



Grassroot Communities and rural residential estates

We will target grassroot villages where there is poor sanitation due to lack of hygienic toilets. This is illustrated by the diagram below;

BioDigester Toilet in a Village

BioDigester Toilet in a Village

Refugee camps

We will also target refugee camps in Kenya, East Africa and beyond. The refugee issue has become a common menace in Africa due to escalating conflicts and they need a toilet system which is hygienic, and can prevent the spread of infections besides providing recycled water and biogas. This is illusttrated by the diagram below;


Institutions like schools

These can be very useful toilets for aschools because of their propensity to assure high hygiene standards. The spread of diseases related to watse disposal is a real phenomenon in many institutions in Kenya where a multitude of people stay. This is illustrated by the picture below;


The facility consists of a toilet block with drinking water and hand washing basins, connected to a biodigester, providing biogas for the School Feeding Programme.

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