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Boiler Feed Water Treatment Soften Equipment

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Basic Info

Installation: Cabinet Type Working Principle: Ion Exchange
Inlet Mode: Pipeline Heating Mode: Instant Heat
Resin Tank: 500x1750mm Water Softener Control Valve: RUNXIN
Principle Of Operation: Ion Exchange Voltage (V): 220
Resin: Ion Exchange Resin Softener Application: Boiler/RO System/Water Treatment
Power (W): 50 Pressure: 0.2~0.6 Mpa
Certification: CE, NSF;ISO Material: FRP, PE
Model No.: 500

5T Soften Equipment Instruction:

Ion-exchange Filter System Folw 5-6 m3/h

Fiberglass FRP tank size 500x1750mm

Ion-exchange resin loading level 250L

Ion-exchange system Brine Tank size 300L

All of our Water Softener system use RUNXIN automatic water softener valve, RUNXIN automatic water softener valve is best valve in chinese

Our water softener can be retail or wholesale

Our automic water softener can be OEM

Boiler Feed Water Treatment Soften Equipment

Water softening’s Principle Of Operation is Ion Exchange

Our Water Softening Resin from China or America

Ion Exchange Water Treatment System For Well Water Treatment Hardness Softened

The sealing part is of high hardness, high flatness ceramic grinding, low failure rate, long service life;
The microcomputer controller has the memory function, power failure after energized, the original set are kept intact;
The regeneration cycle, backwashing, salt absorption, backwater, washing and other steps can be independently set time, the regeneration process is more time-saving, province salt;
The regeneration cycle by water, soft water is guaranteed. The hard water does not pass through the regeneration.

Automatic Control Industtrial Water Softener Equipment


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