Portable solar systems: Plug & play solar kits SunToGo


Reliable solar kits capable to provide lighting and power for AC & DC applications anywhere. Can run other DC applications, such as recorders. DC fans etc. The feature of this system has high efficiency, high reliability, easily handle and use.. All solar panels used in our solar systems are High Quality Modules with minimum 25 year power output warranty. This is your guarantee for trouble-free solar power generation. Super compact and modular, advanced design without glass for the best security. Ideal for yachts, caravans and campers, small cottages and vacation homes as well as other leisure applications.

  1. Designed for RV’s, Homes, Boats, Back-up & Remote Power, 12 or 24 Volts battery charging & Solar Power Stations, Pumps, Beacons & lighting equipment. High efficiency Crystalline Cells & Maintenance free.
  2. Weatherproof.
  3. Can power a 12V radio or TV as well as other dc devices.
  4. Can charge in overcast conditions , great for garages, tool sheds or surveying sights

All accessories are pre-installed, just plug and play , READY TO USE anywhere. Packaged with inverter, quicker charging battery and solar panel, the SunToGo systems stocked thin & efficient solar module for charging its storage batteries. Our SunToGo solar portable power system provides reliable DC & AC power that can be used in powering your standard AC or DC devices, including lights, computers and other devices. Each system includes a sealed solar battery , continuous inverter, internal charge controller as well as solar panel. The user-friendly system fits inside a small case easy to carry. It is highly recommended choice of our camping and RV customers. Run small power tools, computers, drills, mid-sized TVs, soldering guns and a variety of rechargeable equipment on-site. Each system includes the necessary components to get the base for your solar power system. ATLANTS passes savings and first hand knowledge on to customers with our efficient solar panel systems and prompt kit assembly.


  • Power small to Medium Sized DC/AC Appliances , several capacities available.
  • Easy to use, JUST PLUG & PLAY
  • Affordable, Light Weight Solar System

Unbreakable solar electric modules feature hard junction silicon high efficiency cells resulting in more amps per rated watts (in most cases) than other commercially available panels. They also feature stainless steel bonded to a galvanized steel back plate. A heavy aluminum frame gives extra strength. The electricity generated by a ATLANTS AC solar energy solution works just like the electricity delivered by your local utility. After passing through a component called an inverter, the direct current (DC) electricity generated by photovoltaic panels is converted to alternating current (AC), the type of electricity that you normally access through the outlets in your home or business facility.

It can be used to power mobile phones, TV, radios, recorders, saving energy lamps, diskmans , digital cameras, Mp3, Mp4, energy saving lights , computers , fans, ventilators , small size electric appliances etc… anywhere.

It is ideal for traveling, camping, caravaning, in the mountain, the beach or as emergency lighting system.

  • Small , compact and reliable , all required devices are packed into a suitcase easy to carry and ready to use.
  • Built in charge regulators/controller provide protection to ensure proper operation at any time time.
  • Built-in free maintenance solar battery built-in
  • Models with inverter built-in for power AC 220 VOLTS ELECTRIC APPLIANCES.
  • PLUG & PLAY SYSTEM , simply open your SunToGo solar kit and you can plug your electric devices. MODELS 5in1: Include solar system, controller, regulator, integrated free maintenance solar ttery. INTEGRATED DC/AC


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