This system will quietly and effectively provide power for combat logistical systems such as laptops, radios, night vision, and provide battery recharging options for the same. Photovoltaic energy sources offer exciting alternatives to heavy disposable batteries and size and weight issues are mitigated with increasingly lighter more versatile materials. This technology is enabling solar power products to be portable, flexible, foldable,
durable and lightweight.

As a result we are able to create solutions for a wide range of military power requirements. The overall benefits of our military solar power products are to, enable extended missions, improve logistics by enabling field charging thereby reducing the number of batteries in the field and provide a significant cost reduction when compared to primary batteries… an excellent choice for situations that require lightweight, durable, silent power. Re-charge batteries, power communication equipment and mobile electronics, plus reduce the battery logistic challenge. It provides silent energy independence to the user. FLEXIPOWER line is used worldwide to provide users an alternate power generator for charging batteries.

The FLEXIPOWER line will enable extended missions, provide energy security, restore power silently and can provide power for remote, portable surveillance equipment. A primary battery can only be used once. Secondary batteries can be recharged several hundred times. Recent studies show that FLEXIPOWER line solar chargers pay for it in fewer than fifteen recharges. That is equivalent to several hundred FREE BATTERIES!

Twice the power to weight ratio of alternative solar generators, the FLEXIPOWER is ideal for situations requiring power renewal to batteries and
mobile electronics. The FLEXIPOWER Portable Power Pack folds for easy transport and storage.

Product Features:

  2. Available from 10 to 100 watts –
  3. Tough rip-stop nylon backing
  4. 12 and 24 VDC rated products
  5. Weatherproof and UV resistant
  6. Anti glint coating eliminates reflection
  7. pouch for cables and controllers
  8. Built-in reverse current diode protection
  9. Continues to power under cloudy/overcast skies
  10. Several exterior colours available
  11. Benefits: Silent and clean operation (no exhaust like diesel generators) Lightweight & portable Substantially reduces cost compared to non-rechargeable primary batteries Re-charges batteries or directly powers
  12. Provides alternate energy option Two versions available, STANDARD and SUPER SLIM
  13. Powers field electronics; sensors, laptops, phones, radios, GPS, portable lighting all within a compact, lightweight package.
  14. FLEXIPOWER Charger is ideal for charging outdoors. Unfolded in the sun, the charger will begin charging immediately
  15. Benefits: Combines lightweight portable power with military ruggedness
  16. Reduces requirement to carry extra batteries
  17. Anti-glint surface for minimal glare
  18. Supports rapid deployment and power needs in remote locations
  19. 12V charging provides power for emergency needs
  20. Highly effective battery charging with high efficiency solar cells
  21. APPLICATIONS Unlike other solar products that are laminated between glasses, thin-film solar product the FLEXIPOWER Portable Power Pack is extremely durable, yet lightweight…
  22. Power when you need it Applications is endless for this revolutionary solar portable power generator. Whether you have a battery, radio, GPS, phone, laptop, I/R Detector, sensor system, or vision equipment, FLEXIPOWER is answering the power call. We have developed tough, rugged, power solutions large and small for a wide variety of field applications.