Full Automatic Boiler Feed Water Softener Water Treatment System

Basic Info

Installation: Cabinet Type Working Principle: Ion Exchange
Inlet Mode: Pipeline Heating Mode: Instant Heat
Resin Tank: 200x1100mm Water Softener Control Valve: RUNXIN
Principle Of Operation: Ion Exchange Voltage (V): 220
Resin: Ion Exchange Resin Softener Application: Boiler/RO System/Water Treatment
Power (W): 50 Pressure: 0.2~0.6 Mpa
Certification: CE, NSF;ISO Material: FRP, PE
Model No.: TMFB250

TMFB250 flow type automatic boiler softening water equipment adopts microcomputer controller

The sealing part is of high hardness, high flatness ceramic grinding, low failure rate, long service life;
The microcomputer controller has the memory function, power failure after energized, the original set are kept intact;
The regeneration cycle, backwashing, salt absorption, backwater, washing and other steps can be independently set time, the regeneration process is more time-saving, province salt;
The regeneration cycle by water, soft water is guaranteed. The hard water does not pass through the regeneration.

Automatic Control Industtrial Water Softener Equipment


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