Hard Water Treatment Automatic Household Shower Water Softener

Basic Info

Installation: Cabinet Type Working Principle: Ion Exchange
Inlet Mode: Pipeline Heating Mode: Hot Pot
Flow Rate: 300L/H Working Temperature: 5-48℃
In/Outlet Size: G1/2 Resin Tank: 0817inch
Outlet Water Hardness: 0.6mmol/L Transformer Input:Input AC100-240V/50-60Hz Output DC12V、1.5A
Resin Volume: 2.5L Continuous Total Softened Water: 750L
Specification: 300C Overall Size(LxWxH): 166*167*600mm
Size(L*W*H): 166*167*600mm  Model No.: 300

Dynamic regeneration increase above 30%effect

Core material has been certified by NSF

Professional manufacturer for residential softener
Exported to 26 countries all over the world
Initiative automatic shower softener in domestic