OUTDOOR: Solar powered energy advertising lighting systems

Solar advert, solar billboard, new save energy advertising lighting

Constant solar energy


  1. Work always, no power cut affected
  2. Easily interchangeable advertisements
  3. Waterproof & long life
  4. Welcome used for bus station, summerhouse, bank display, advertisements, bus stations, shop advertisements
  5. Can be customised
  6. Solar advertising light can be used for all sizes of sign board and advertising lights. We can supply: all kinds of size, double face, different shapes etc…
  7. 5 hours charge time and 10 hours working time. Intelligent light control and time control .Open up on nigh time and closed up on daytime automatically, no maintenance and no men work.
  8. Bidirectional led-light board, the rate of efficiency of system is above 90% Install easily, power supply is installed inside of box, which is safer and nicer.