Polyaluminium Chloride

Polyaluminium Chloride

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BLU PAC SERIES PAC-01 POLYALUMINIUM CHLORIDE POWDER Blu PAC-01 is white powder polyaluminium chloride, spray drying type, high purity, high bacisity, mainly used for potable water treatment, also used for wastewater treatment, food grade.


Specifications: PAC-01 Spry drying type
Appearance: White Powder
Al 2O3,% ≥ 30.0
Basicity, % 45.0~55.0
Insolubles, % 0.3 max
SO42-, % 0.5 max
N, % 0.01 max
As, % 0.0002 max
Mn, % 0.0045 max
Cr6+, % 0.0005 max
Hg, % 0.00001 max
Pb, % 0.001 max
Cd, % 0.0002 max
Fe, % 0.005 max
PH(1% water solution) 3.5~5.0


CHEMICAL NAME: Spray drying type Polyaluminium Chloride
DESCRIPTION: BLU PAC-01 it is Polyaluminium Chloride, spray drying type, white powder, used for drinking water treatment and paper mills as retention agent, work as coagulant for water treatment. It is made by purity raw materials of Al(OH)3. Food grade.
  1. Can be used widely for industrial application.
  2. Easily soluble in water; dissolves rapidly.
  3. Cost is very low, very competitive than other general coagulants
  4. Dosage will be less(20-50%) than drum dried PAC
  5. Floc forming fast, good activity, good filtering.
  6. Don’t need adding alkaline additives, if deliquescence, its effect remain same.
  7. Adapted for a wide pH value, strong adaptability
  8. The Salt content in the effluent will be reduced after use PAC.
  9. Can remove the water pollution of heavy metals and radioactive substances.
  10. The active ingredient of high, convenient storage and transportation.
  1. Coagulant for different industrial area
  2. Clarifying agent in waste water
  3. Dewatering agent


  1. Suggested to dilute to the concentration of 2%-20% solution before use.
  2. For Solid PAC product, dilution is necessary before being dosed, water amount for dilution shall be determined based on the amount of the chemicals to be dosed and the quality of water to be treated.
  3. For Solid PAC products, the dosage is about 1-15g/mt, the dosage of liquid PAC is 3-40g/mt, the best dosage is based on different   lab test results.
PACKAGE: Packed in inner plastics bags(white or yellow) and polypropylene woven bags, with each bag containing 25kgs.
STORAGE: Should be stored in original containers in cool and dry place, away from sources of heat, flame and direct sunlight. Please refer Technical Data Sheet, Label and MSDS for more details and shelf life.