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Aquatreat’s Cultured Enzymes

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    Waste Water Microbiology

    Waste water treatment is a biological process, what that means is that a wastewater treatment plant/facility is a microbiological zoo that houses bacteria, protozoa, metazoan and other micro life. The microorganisms do the actual breakdown and removal of nutrients and organic material in the wastewater. Like you and I, they perform best when all their needs are met (food, pleasant environment etc.).  Waste water/Sewage contains nutrients of every type; phosphorus, nitrogen, sodium, potassium, iron, calcium and compounds such as fats, sugars and proteins. Microorganisms use these substances as a “food” source for energy, for the synthesis of cell components and to maintain life processes.

    Many types of microorganisms can be found in the wastewater treatment system with the major classes being Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria. However, the types of organisms that will dominate will be the ones that are best suited to the “environment” or conditions in the system. Wastewater treatment systems are designed to foster an “environment” that suits a certain type of microorganism. These microorganisms not only remove organic wastes from the water, but they also “settle out” as solid material for easy removal. Wastewater treatment operators are required to maintain the right conditions in the treatment system for the right type of microorganisms. If the right conditions are not present, the wrong microorganisms will dominate. These “wrong” microorganisms not only interfere with the successful removal of wastes from the water, but they themselves may be difficult to remove from the system.

    Aquatreat’s Cultured Enzymes

    Our product is a complex compound composed of several beneficial bacterium and enzymes. It is a special and proprietary blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria which rapidly produce a wide variety of enzymes to rapidly degrade waste. The Enzymes are compounds that are made of living organisms that help biochemical reaction to occur. All biochemical reactions require enzymes therefore bacteria need enzymes to breakdown the nutrients. The treatment contains unique enzyme producing bacteria microorganisms which don’t just emulsify the waste but actually feed on and totally eliminate it, with the resultant byproducts being air and water. The environmentally harmless microbes rapidly multiply in the waste water treatment system, thereby restoring its biological health and efficiency. However, it is to be noted that the right conditions must be present for the bacteria to work and multiply.

    Benefits of Our Enzymes

    1. Natural bacteria & enzymes effectively degrade sludge into water and air
    2. Reduces foul odors and flies
    3. Improve overall efficiency of the plant/system
    4. Degrade high COD and BOD
    5. Suppress harmful bacterial growth
    6. Environmental friendly- 100% naturally occurring and non-GMO
    7. 3X more powerful performance (contains 3 billion CFU and 6 unique strains of bacteria)
    8. Many uses-Our powerful formula makes the perfect choice for waste water bio-digesters, septic tanks, drain fields, soak away pits, grease traps, sump pumps, cesspools and much more!
    9. Bio-Enzyme contains 6 strains of bacteria that each break down a different waste type including: fats, oils, grease, protein, papers, starches & more

    Areas of Application

    1. Bio-digesters
    2. Septic tanks
    3. Waste water treatment facilities
    4. Bio-latrines
    5. Drain fields
    6. Grease traps
    7. Sump pumps
    8. Cesspools


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