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Calcium Hypochlorite – chlorine 65%

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    Calcium hypochlorite is one of the top chemicals used in disinfecting and cleansing pools and spas. This versatile chemical is also used in the disinfection of various types of produce, drinking water, units in which meat and dairy are processed and breweries. It’s also algaecide, bactericide and germicide, providing a safe hygienic environment for work and recreation. Here we make it possible for you to achieve a healthy and sanitary life style.

    The small granules are easily dissolved in water and are a safe alternative to other harsh chemicals. Calcium hypochlorite is beneficial in multiple ways to provide a safe way to avoid problems such as unpleasant odors, algae, scum, pool and spa stains, and eye and skin irritation.

    Product Specification

    • Brand Aquafit
    • Purity 65-70%
    • Form Granules
    • Packaging Size 45 Kgs
    • Packaging Type PVC drum


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