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Fibre Reinforced Plastic Tanks

FRP Filter Tank is a kind of nonmetallic composite which is made by resin and fiber glass. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high strength, long service life, flexible design, and strong process-ability and FRP tank price is more economical compare with stainless steel.

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    • Design pressure: 100 PSI, 150 PSI
    • Fatigue test: 100000 times.
    • Burst test: 4 times of its design pressure.
    • Working temperature: 1 °C to 49 °C (34°F to 120°F).
    • Available colors include Blue, black and white
    • Standard base, Tripod base and Round base available
    • Food grade HDPE inner liner.
    • No leakage, stable pressure.
    • Inner shell – Polyethylene (PE) seamless one-piece tank liner
    • Outer shell – Continuous strands of fiber-glass with high strength epoxy resin
    • Different holding capacities


    1. 01-03, 04-07 (180-182 Top Stack Screen, Bottom Stack Screen)
      1. 01-03, 04-07 (180-182 Top Stack Screen, Bottom Stack Screen)
    2. 08-10 (Top Mount 6/12 Laterals)
    3. 11-16 (Diffuser Side Mount, Bottom Mount 6/12 Laterals)
    4. 17-18 (Top Mount Diffuser 6″ Flange)
    5. 19-21 (Bottom Mount 8/16 Laterals, 6″ Flange)
    6. 22-26 (Lateral, Tank Head, Threaded Clousures, Threaded Adapters, Vacuum Breaker, Brine Value, Accessories)


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