Manual Multi-port Softener Valve


The Manual softener valve is used for softening or demineralization water treatment systems. The softener valve is used for residential softening system, industrial softening system and RO polishing.

The valve body is an ABS plastic reinforced with 10% glass fiber, ensuring it is leak resistant, heat resistant, and flame retardant. The valve core is made of ceramic and utilizes a gasket for opening and closing. This gasket is corrosion and wear resistant, with a long service life. It is applicable for use as a filter valve if two flow passages are blocked. In total, there are 5 flow passages designed with a manual multi-port softener valve, thus achieving different functions, including service, backwash, brine and slower, brine refill, and a fast rinse.

These manual multi-port softener valves are available for use in residential systems, RO pretreatment, swimming pool maintenance, boiler water softening and for use in conjunction with multi-media filters.

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