Portable Turbidity &Total Suspended Solids Analyser


Advantages of Buying Portable Turbidity &Total Suspended solids Analyser

  1. The light source advantage: It adopts near-infrared LED light source with little chroma interference, which conforms to IS07027 standard.
  2. Professional testing: Imported polymer turbidity calibration solution, non-toxic and safe. Built-in lens, filter, high-precision optical path structure, accurate and stable measurement results.
  3. Waterproof seal: The waterproof design of the USB interface and IP65 protection level are suitable for field applications.
  4. Multi-power mode: Supports power management, USB data cable can be charged and used for lithium battery charging.
  5. HD LCD screen: OLED full color display with clear data display and high contrast.
  6. Beautiful and durable appearance:5 touch buttons, acrylic protection panel, long service life.
Range0~20NTU Turbidity ;0~1000NTU Turbidity;0-1000mg/L TSS
Accuracy±0.1NTU or ±5%NTU(0-20NTU Turbidity)

±0.3NTU or ±8%NTU(0-1000NTU Turbidity)

±0.3mg/L or ±8%mg/L(0-1000mg/L TSS)

Repeatability<5NTU,≤±0.05NTU;≥5NTU,≤±1%NTU (0-20NTU turbidity)

<10NTU,≤±0.1NTU;≥10NTU,≤±1%NTU(0-1000NTU turbidity)

<10mg/L,≤±0.1mg/L;≥10mg/L,≤±1%mg/L(0-1000mg/L TSS)

Calibration0-20NTU turbidity:Calibration up to 4 points(optional calibration solution);

0-1000NTU turbidity:Calibration up to 7 points(optional calibration solution);

0-1000mg/L TSS:1 point calibration

Zero drift≤±0.3%FS/30 min
Working temperature5 – 40℃
Storage temperature-10 – 55℃
Powerlithium battery(Optional dry battery)
IP gradeIP65
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