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Simple Filtration

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    Sand filter system is used as the primary filter system for treating waters with large amounts of suspended matter, which the content is more than 10 mg/L, remove turbidity, remove TSS and finally removes suspended impurities. The source water may be river water, reservoir water, borehole water, lake water or rain water.

    The sand water is regarded as the most effective and cost effective system for large particles and organic matters.


    • Filter Tank –Our FRP tanks (including universal FRP tanks and FRP tanks with upper loading and lower discharge port) are popular during multimedia filter system. Stainless steel tanks are available.
    • Media – Sand filter adopts single-size filtration media. You can adjust the sand size to achieve different water quality requirements. Ideal size of each granule usually varies from 0.35 mm to 1.2 mm.
    • Water distributors – Upper and bottom distributors may needed in this system. The bottom distributors can enable the stable running of filtering process and backwash process.
    • Multiport control valves – This device can reduce your pipeline placement and make the system stable and smart running. Manual and automatic valves options are provided.


    Activated carbon, different from normal charcoal, is produced through activation process. Activated carbon filter system is a popular and widely used system during water pre-filter system. In the system, it can help to absorb residual chlorine, Color, Taste, organics, pigments, colloidal, organics and heavy metal ions and it can provide good conditions for subsequent Reverse Osmosis purification.

    Besides, the carbon filter can effectively ensure the service life of post-stage equipment, improve effluent water quality, prevent pollution, especially prevent free residual chlorine poisoning pollution in reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resin.


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