UV Water Sterilizer System


Provide the healthiest water for you; Sterilization rate is over 99%.

Efficient purification; A flow rate of 0.5 gallons per minute can guarantee all your needs.
Strong and sturdy; Type 304 stainless steel cavity is one of the longest service life and the UV lamp service life is 8000 hours.

Safe physical sterilization; The UV lamp does not touch water, only the steel body and quartz tube are in contact with the water, so there is no taste, smell, and chemical reaction.

Wide range of applications: This advantage is most obvious when purifying water for drinking or Cooking, for kitchen and house, gardens and swimming pools, processing foods and bottled beverages, animal husbandry or aquaculture and more.

Compact models require minimal space; you can quickly install it wherever you need clean water.

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