Quench-Gone™ Organic Modified Test Kit, 100 Tests

The Quench-Gone Organic Modified (QGO-M) test kit from LuminUltra provides you with real-time measurement of total active microorganisms via 2nd Generation ATP technology. QGO-M can be used for any kind of organic fluid or organic/water mixture, including oilfield applications, fuels, metalworking emulsions, and polymers. Save time through on-the-spot testing and remediation of microbiological contamination as a compliment to your existing measurement practices. The QGO-M test kit pairs with the PhotonMaster™ luminometer and LumiCalc™ software for seamless data acquisition and interpretation.

  • Detect total active microorganisms in your process.
  • Advanced 2nd Generation ATP Technology.
  • Real-time, portable, and easy measurement system.
  • Designed for water samples and applications.
  • Includes interpretation guidelines for most common applications.