STREET ADVANTATGES:Solar street lamps, advantages



The solar street lamps convert sunshine into electricity directly and then store. It can light automatically at night and its outputting-time can be set. It can sustainably light several days if it is charged one day. Without energy, development is hardly possible, and the goals of developing rural areas and reduce absolute poverty by half cannot be reached. For many poor countries, the energy imports are increasingly costly, and meeting the import needs of fossil fuel for the developing countries in the coming years could become more and more difficult. Fortunately there are ways where local energy sources and efficient use of energy can be combined to meet development needs. An important task for each area, village, or even family, is to choose the best solutions among the many options available. They already spend money for energy for light, radios, etc. as well as time to collect and dry fuel etc. The question is how they can spend money and time for energy supply more efficient in the future. In this way they can:

  • Get energy services cheaper than before. Thus there will be more money for consumption.
  • Creation of new work places (this gives a rise in welfare if some people are unemployed) using renewable and local fuels in stead of importing fuels into the village. Local labour force and local fuels will then replace purchased fuels and salaries will stay in local business.
  • Reducing the environmental problems and thus reduction of health problems, such as less smoke in the kitchen.
  • Developing technologies, learning to use new technologies and achieving new skills.

New generation of solar street lamps:

Each solar lamp saves at least 350-400 KWh-yr so investment is easily



Each solar lamp saves at least 350-400 KWh/yr so investment is easily

Additional advantages:

  • Works during power cut.
  • Zero energy costs forever
  • Low maintenance of own lamp
  • No maintenance of infrastructures required as do not need electrical infraestructure/investment
  • Do no need cables , connections
  • Can be installed freely anywhere at anytime
  • Solar panels offers more than 25 years of continuous operation.

Solar Street Lamps

Advantages of the Solar Street Lamps

  1. no cabling works
  2. no energy costs
  3. low maintenance effort
  4. environmental-friendly
  5. ease of assembly
  6. innovative design
  7. 100% European quality and approved products, 100% reliable.
  8. The best quality price relationship.
  9. Longer life span.
  10. Wide range of models for every need
  11. More efficiency recovering energy and using solar light.

Safety …guaranteed

Solar street lamps facilitate the illumination of street sections which are located away from the public power supply. In rural areas, this can often include almost the entire street and footpath network. System use ranges from the isolated illumination of junctions or turn-offs, thus increasing traffic safety, to the additional lighting of large street sections, entrances to towns, road connections between towns and
cycle paths, etc.

Economic illumination

Chelco also offer solar sodium lamps for purposes of illumination w

These have a lifespan of around 18,000 operating hours, are distinguished by an extremely low UV quota and achieve a high degree of efficiency over their entire period of use.

Also other light systems are available for every need.

Intelligent regulation systems guarantee operations

All street lamps are equipped with an intelligent regulation system, which guarantees that a total loss of power can be avoided even during periods of bad weather.

Furthermore, the charging levels and light regulation adjust automatically to the light conditions depending on any given time of day.