Customized, Innovative water treatment, and  purification solutions

We provide customized, innovative, high-quality water treatment products, systems, and solutions, to help increase your operating efficiencies and meet regulatory approval standards.   This allows you to improve the comfort, safety, and quality of life of the people you serve.

Frequent Machine Maintenance & Downtime Hurt Your Business

Decreased productivity

Untreated water as compared to treated water takes a longer time to reach boiling point. This inevitably brings down your productivity as the amount of energy needed is significantly higher.

Corrosion & Clogging

Hard water is known to leave the residue of Magnesium & Calcium which are responsible for Corrosion & Clogging. This in turn increases the cost of maintenance.

High Operational Cost

Untreated water is known to increase the frequency of C.I.P. (cleaning in place) of the membranes. This shortens the life of the membranes.


With Aquatreat’s innovative ideas in water treatment, water chemicals, and laboratory services our work processes have become efficient and easy to handle. I definitely recommend them as they are very efficient and highly knowledgeable in water treatment products and after-sales service.
Senior Commercial Manager

Kiambu Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd.Kiambu Water & Sewerage Co. Ltd.

Having worked with Aquatreat Solutions Limited for over 2 years, wastewater treatment has been made efficient and effective through their modern installations. I have no reservations and would recommend them for their excellence in waste treatment, products, and after-sales service.
Environmental, health and safety Manager.

Mastermind Tobacco (K) Ltd.Environmental, health and safety Manager

We Are Ready To Help You Get Value For Your Money

Peace of mind and value for money are just but some of the benefits of buying our water treatment plants and products. Partnering with Aquatreat ensures you get a customized strategy that works to deliver optimum control in a wide variety of applications. These include, but not limited to the treatment of drinking water, wastewater, and process water with the latest laboratory analysis technology.

Meet Aquatreat Solutions Team.We Provide Water Solutions That are;

Unique. Flexible. Better.

Back in 2008, we noted that the market lacked custom made solutions to the challenges faced at the time. Customers got a one size fits all solutions that were not only a rigid solution but did not meet their needs comprehensively. We understand that process, treated water is important and necessary for your comfort, safety, and quality of life. Since then, we have been in business for 12 years delivering successful water solutions to over 100 companies and private homes. This is entrenched in our company mission and brought to life through our expertise in a wide range of water technologies. We tailor-make custom solutions for our clients and rely on our core values (integrity, quality, and self-improvement) to deliver this promise.

Access Industry-Leading Water Solutions In 3 simple steps

Schedule A Call

Schedule a call with our savvy rep to identify your needs. Send us your water sample for Lab Analysis.

Let Us Tailor Make Your Solution

Our Rep makes a site visit to review your sample’s lab analysis results and custom make a strategy.

Enjoy Value for Money

Breathe a sigh of relief and know that we help you execute the strategy, fit the equipment, and maintain scheduled service of the equipment.

Customized, Innovative Water & Solar Solutions

At Aquatreat Solutions LTD. We know that you want to be a Quality Assurance Champion.

In order to do that, you need tailor-made solutions. The problem is rigid/fixed solutions from service providers which makes you feel stranded.

We believe in improved comfort, safety, and quality. We understand your struggle with rigid, inflexible solutions that are on offer and do not meet your needs, that is why we tailor-make solutions that best work for your water source, needs, and budget.

Here is how we do it:

Step 1. Schedule a call with our team.

Step 2. Site Visit. We make a site visit to factor out the environment, and your needs in order to customize your plan.  We sample your water to verify it’s composition and quality.

Step 3.  We help you fit the equipment/plant, execute the plan, and maintain the scheduled service of the equipment. We guide you every step of the process.

Schedule a call now. In the meantime, here are the 6 crucial reasons why you need to treat your water before industrial or home use.

Stop ballooning high operational expenses on your balance sheet and instead improve the comfort, safety, and quality of life around you.


We’d love to keep you updated with our latest news and offers 😎

We don’t spam! Read



We’d love to keep you updated with our latest news and offers 😎

We don’t spam! Read